Did you know that German is the mother tongue of more than 100 Million Europeans?

Why not give your child the advantage of learning German at our Saturday morning classes? We are proud of our 60 years of teaching experience. A team of dedicated instructors – most of whom have German as their first language – ensures thorough and accurate language instruction, as well as providing an insight into the culture and history of the German speaking parts of Europe.

The German Language School London is supported by the Thames Valley District School Board as part of its Elementary International Languages Program and by the Federal Republic of Germany (Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen).  The School is a member of (Paschnet), an international network of 2,000 schools in 120 countries emphasizing German language and culture in their program and is one of the worldwide 1,200 Language Schools offering official German proficiency examinations.  The German Language School London is advised by a German language consultant in Toronto.

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Level B1 (DSD I)
Level B2/C1 (DSD II)

“I speak French, English and Spanish.  I think German is an interesting language and I want to get to know German culture; to learn German is wonderful and a lot of fun.” “I learned German in the German Language School and in Berlin.  My parents insist that I continue to learn German.”

Grade 5,

Ages 10-11

My grandparents are German and my parents also know German so they wanted me and my brother to learn German.”  “My dad is German.  This is my first year and I still think it is fun.”

First Year German,

Ages 9-12

“Both my sons attended the German Language many years ago and one of them continued his studies at the University of Konstanz.  Now my grandchild is attending the Elementary program.“

Mother and Grandparent

German Classes

Every Saturday at 9 am

at Wheable Adult and Continuing Education School

70 Jacqueline St, London, ON N5Z 3P7, Canada

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