Update – German Language school

Dear Parents and Students, 
I just wanted to send you a quick update on what we know at this point. 
Wheable has NOT announced its plans for the International Program. We do not know whether they will run their program at all (due to mixing of cohorts from many schools) or whether they will offer in person or online classes. As you know, we are part of the Thames Valley District School Board. Thames Valley provides us with teachers but most importantly with classroom space. What we do know is that extra classrooms space will NOT be rented out to us until further notice. This presents a huge challenge as we usually rent almost 8 extra classrooms. Until more information is communicated to us, our hands are tied from doing any more concrete planning. To give us more time to make decisions, we have decided to move our first date of class to the 26th of September instead of September 12. 
I will be sending out a very brief survey, asking you to indicate your intentions regarding online offerings vs. in- person classes.  We are planning to hold in person registration on the 19th of September at the GERMAN CLUB. We will be asking families to come and register at an indicated time slot based on their last letter in the alphabet in order to adhere to the rules and regulations of social distancing . If Whaeble reopens the door for students, I am most certain that the access of parents to school will be very restricted (more information to come).As you know, things are truly changing by the minute. I will update you with hopefully more concrete plans as soon as I can. For now please save the following dates:
19 September: IN – PERSON registration at the German Club
26 September: Start date of classes (online or in person)
Be safe, and please look out for a survyemonkey email in the very short future.

All the best,Eva Hodgson